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Code Unnati is a corporate-to-citizen digital literacy and IT skills development initiatives, launched in June 2017. It follows “life-cycle based approach Learning for Life” – approach aiming to empower – children, adolescents, youth, and citizens – people of all age groups – throughout their life cycle. Code Unnati is a multi-stakeholder initiative which is premised on the power of partnership with SAP customers for achieving programmatic scale, sharing common vision & resources, and mitigating programmatic risks – this helps us work in tribal, rural most geographies in India. The most important goal of Code Unnati is to support and strengthen Government of India Nation Building missions of “Digital India” and “Skills India”, as we firmly believe that “Digital” has the enormous power of “inclusive” growth. Collectively, Code Unnati programme could train around 1.08 million beneficiary students from June 2017 till December 2020.

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About Code Unnati About Code Unnati

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Curated courses for school students and advanced software skill development courses for the youth.

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