Telephonic Conversation

In this 21st century Telephonic Conversation has become an extended part of speaking.

Telephonic Conversation requires two basic skills:

  • Good Listening Skills

  • Good Comprehending Skills

Basic Professional Phrases for Telephonic Conversation: 

  1. Greeting and Introducing Yourself

  • Hello, this is Pranay from (Company Name) 

  • Good Morning/Afternoon, this is Pranay. I am calling regarding (subject, enquiry, Information etc.)

  1. Asking to speak someone

  • Is _____ Available? (Name, Product, Appointment) 

  • May I speak to _______? (The Doctor, Concerned Person)

  • I’d like to Talk to _________. (Mr. Singh)

  1. Asking for repetition

  • I’m sorry- I didn’t catch that, could you please repeat yourself?

  • I’m sorry- Do you mean to say ___________ (Say what you have understood)

  • Can you please pardon?

  1. Ending your Call

  • Thanks for calling and have a great day.

  • Thank you for calling and giving your precious time.

Do’s of Telephonic conversation

  • Speak Clearly

  • Use proper language and avoid slangs

  • Keep the conversation crisp

  • Avoid going off-topic

  • Talk in a quiet place and try to avoid any background noise 

Don’ts of Telephonic conversation

  • Eating while talking

  • Getting distracted

  • Interrupting the other person

  • Sounding bored and disinterested


1) Which of the following skills is required in Telephonic Conversation?

a) Listening Skills

b) Comprehending Skills

c) Communication Skills

d) All of the above

2) Among the following which is not a part when greeting someone on call?

a) Good Morning

b) Thank you

c) Introducing your name

d) Background Information

3) Identify the missing part in this conversation,

Neha- “Hi am I speaking to Mr. Raj”

Raj- “Yes, Raj this side”

Neha- “I want to know how long will your department take to submit the report”

a) No mistake

b) Neha is sounding rude

c) Neha didn’t introduce herself

4) Which of the following does not come under “Don’ts of Telephonic Conversation” ?

a) Eating while on a call 

b) Interrupting the person

c) Showcasing boredom

d) Speaking Clearly

5) Should you record the calls, when talking to your family members? 

a) Yes

b) No

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