Virtual Interview

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 a lot of processes and methods have shifted on online platforms. This has indeed helped us to avoid physical contact and meetings. One of the biggest affected domains due to global pandemic was Interviews. 

Interview is something that cannot be ignored or removed from any process be it a Job Interview or College Admission Interview. Thankfully with advancement into digitization and technology the problem isn’t daunting anymore. 

Below are few widely used platforms to conduct Virtual Interviews:

  • Zoom

  • Google meets 

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Webex  

Some basic buttons to understand in Virtual Platform

1) The Mic button is often used to mute or unmute yourself.

2) Camera image refers to the video, whether you wish to switch it on or off. 

3) Screen share or presentation is usually shown with the following image. 

4) When the meeting is concluded you can click on the following image to exit or leave the meeting.

Let’s understand one of these platforms in detail

Other than the basic features covered above, there are some additional features that most of the video conferring platforms provide. These features can be paid or unpaid. Let’s take the example of one platform to understand the interface and features better. 

Zoom is the most widely used platform not only for interviews but also for sessions & meetings.

Below are the two interfaces first when you are a meeting attendee and second when you are a meeting host. Let us understand the basic features on both modes: 

1) When you are a meeting attendee

When you attend a meeting or Interview, you see the above given interface. Starting from extreme left you’ll see:

  • Mute: This is mic, if you wish to speak something you unmute yourself and when you are done with your part you can again mute yourself.

  • Stop Video: This feature gives access to your webcam, you can tap on the button it’ll start and stop as per your requirement.

  • Participants: Here you can see the total number of people in the meeting. 

  • Chat: This simply allows you to chat with everyone or any selected concerned person. 

  • Screenshare: This feature helps you to present things available on your device like PPT or document. This feature can also be used for document verification in case of Interview, you can simply share a screen and show the electronic copy of your documents or identification proof.

  • Record: This feature will record the entire interview or session. However, there are low chances that you’ll require this in an Interview. In meetings and sessions it sends a notification to everyone so take permission before recording. 

  • Reactions: In case of Group discussion, this is an additional feature where you can share reactions like clap, raise hand, emoji etc.

2) When you are a Host

You get several additional features if you are hosting a meeting. 

  • Manage Participants: You can manage participants, like keep everyone on mute etc. to avoid any inconvenience during the meeting. 

  • Polling: This feature helps us to get some basic insights via poll.

  • Breakout Rooms: One of the biggest features that led to zoom’s success. This helps you to create several rooms to segregate participants of the same meeting in various rooms for discussion or team work. 

  • As a host you get the feature of ending a meeting while as an attendee, you get the feature of leaving the meeting. 

Basic Etiquettes on Virtual Interview:

  • Always check your internet connection. Simply go on google and search “Internet Speed Check” and check your internet speed and stability. 

  • Check your Audio and Video feature beforehand. A lot of platforms including Zoom give you this feature. 

  • Get comfortable with the Virtual interview platforms either by connecting with your friend and trying out the basic features.

  • Virtual Interview gives you the liberty to connect from home yet you are supposed to be in a decent formal attire. 

  • Try to keep the background clean without any distraction or revelation. If this is not possible you can also use the artificial background (green screen) feature provided by Zoom.

  • Try to practice eye contact by looking at the webcam and avoid looking at the screen.

  • Stay in a quiet room, with minimum background noise. 

  • Switch on the camera as per the directions given during the interview but use the Mic option only when you are asked to do so.

  • If you wish to ask any question, prefer a chat feature rather than speaking on Mic.

  • Keep a backup option for internet connectivity (e.g. Mobile Hotspot) if there is power failure or wifi issue.

  • Make sure your device is fully charged to avoid any power issue.

  • Avoid using reaction features or any informal gestures during Virtual Interview. 


1) Tick the correct meaning of Virtual.

a. Something that is not on a digital platform. 

b. Something that is not physically existing

2) Virtual mode of conversation can help you in ______________?

a. Interviews

b. Meetings

c. Trainings

d. All of the above

3) Which of the following features is not available in Virtual Interviews?

a. Chat

b. Screen Share

c. Audio & Voice

d. Friend Requests

4) What are Breakout rooms in Zoom ?

a. Segregation of participants in the same meetings to different rooms.

b. Banning other participants

c. Different meeting for people who couldn’t attend the meeting

5) Is recording the virtual interview without permission ethical?

a. Yes

b. No

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