Self Awareness


You might be often asked during interviews what are your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to answer these questions only when you know about yourself well.

Being self-aware is a habit that you can develop with practice. 

What are strengths?

Your positive skills and positive character traits are considered as your strengths. This can be in the form of knowledge, talent and skills. 

What are weaknesses?

Weakness is just the opposite, it can be those skills or traits which are often considered negative or undeveloped. 

Self Awareness can result from Self-Evaluation and by taking feedback from others.


Use this table in the practice activity in trainer’s guidance.

My Strengths My Weaknesses

Taking feedback from others

Story of Saho

(This story will be discussed in session by your trainer)

Saho was an honest and hardworking guy. He always had a big smile on his face with a joyful nature. One fine day Saho went to a PCO booth and dialed a number.

As soon as the phone connected, Saho said, 

“Hello? Hello Sir, Namaste I have heard that you need a driver, I am also a driver. Can you please appoint me as a driver for you”?

The man from the other end replied,

“We already have a driver and we don’t need a new driver now” 

To this, Saho Replied

“Sir, I am a good driver and also an honest man. I am ready to work for you even at a lower salary you give to your present driver” 

The man said, “We are very satisfied with the driver who is presently working with us. It’s not a matter of money, the type of driver we want we already have him so we don’t need a new driver” 

Saho insisted, “Sir, I’ll also do various other odd jobs at your home apart from driving, like getting vegetables from the market, picking up children from school and any other work. I assure you that I won’t give you a chance to complain. Please give me an opportunity”

The man got furious and said, “I already said to you we don’t need a driver” and disconnected the call.

The owner of PCO Booth was hearing the conversation. He said to Saho, “My son is working in an MNC at a very high post. He needs a driver if you wish I can refer you to him”

Saho replied, “Thank you so much for the offer, but actually I don’t need any job” 

The booth owner was perplexed. He said, “I just heard you begging for a job on call. What happened to you now? Since now you are getting a job easily, you are throwing tantrums.” 

Saho politely replied, “Please don’t take me wrong, I really don’t need a job. Actually, I was testing my own work! I am the driver who is working at that man’s place” 

Do you want to know why Saho called this person and why he rejected the job? Your trainer will discuss this story in the Self-Awareness session.

Use these tables when your trainer asks you to.

  • From Family

Name of Family Member: _______________________________

My Relation with this Family Member:_____________________


My Strengths My Weaknesses
  • From Teacher

Name of Teacher: _______________________________

Designation and Institute of thisTeacher:_____________________

My Strengths My Weaknesses


  • From Friend

Name of Friend: _______________________________

My Strengths My Weaknesses

Friends, to live a successful life, it’s extremely important for us to understand ourselves very well. We should be able to recognize our weaknesses and work on them as soon as possible. Self-Evaluation is an extremely important concept to self-analyze ourselves in the correct way and to know our strengths and weaknesses. With judicious self-evaluation we can mark great success not only in our professional life but on various fronts like personal and social.

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