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Resume Writing

A résumé is a piece of paper that tells a prospective employer who you are, what you’ve done, and why they should hire you. Some businesses just want a completed application but the résumé brings extra attention to the application. For most jobs, you will most likely need a résumé. The information you need to complete a job application is similar to that of a résumé . But an employer doesn’t need to know absolutely all there is to know about you. They need to know that you have the skills, knowledge, and personality traits needed for a particular job. Resumes tell about your complete information ranging from educational background to corporate experience.

Below are the key elements in a resume:

  • Personal Information
  • Objective
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Awards & Honors
  • Activities & Hobbies
  • Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • References

Tips for Effective Resume:

  • Keep your resume to a page or two
  • Resume must be chronological
  • Keep it recent and relevant
  • Try to frame bullet points rather than paragraphs
  • Use effective keywords and buzzwords
  • Avoid and spelling or grammatical error
  • Constantly update it

Sample Resume for Freshers






Phone Number


LinkedIn Profile Link

Career Objective: _________________________________________________

Educational Qualification:


Name of University/College (Duration)

(Stream and Specialization)

(Aggregate GPA, Percentage or Grades)

High School (12th)

(Name of College)(Board: CBSE/ICSE/State) (Duration)

(Stream- Science/Commerce/Humanities)


School (10th)

(Name of School) (Board: CBSE/ICSE/State) (Duration)



Name of Organization (Duration)

Roles & Responsibility



Co-curricular Achievements-

Extra Curricular Achievements-


Name of Project (Duration)





Email Id

Contact Number (Only after permission)


This is a Sample Resume for Freshers, you can use as a reference and make changes according to your information.

Let’s walk through each Heading and see what is expected of you.

Resume Starts with your name in Bold with a comparatively big font size.

Contact: Soon after your introduction you share your contact with Email, Contact Number, Address and LinkedIn profile Link.

Career Objective: It is a statement (2-3 lines only) where you mention your short term professional goals.

You must write this only if you are a fresher, if you have more than a year of work experience you can avoid this. You may get various framed lines on the internet. Use it for reference but NEVER copy them.

Education Qualification: This section tells about your educational background and scores. It should always start with your most recent quantification and then extend to the past one.

Post Graduation/Graduation details followed by 12th Class details and then 10th Class details.

Internship: Since you are a fresher, it is obvious that you don’t have any work experience and it is always recommended to do at least one internship to make your resume strong.

Note: Never mention your internship details as a part of work experience.

Skills: Here you mention the skills you have strong hold on. It can be categorized as Soft Skills (Communication, Presentation, Leadership) or Technical Skills (Python, SQL, Java).

Achievements: Hiring managers not only look for your academics and score but also your achievements during your study period. It is recommended to classify your achievements as Curricular (Related with your curriculum like 1st rank in School Final Exam, Olympiad etc) or Extra Curricular (Related beyond your curriculum like Inter school dance competition, Debate etc.) If you have less achievements you can avoid the above segregation and can mention them together.

Projects: If you have done any project you should mention it in the resume. Give complete details about the project, timeline and learning. You can also mention your Final year thesis project for college.

Reference: To make your resume more effective you can always add references. Here you add details of people who know you or you have worked with. Like your school/college principal, HOD or your manager in Internship. Never share their information in your resume without their permission.

Note: This is just a sample resume, you can add and delete as per your requirements. You can add details like Industry Visit, Any Short term courses etc that can increase your chances of shortlisting.

Activity: Writing Resume

When: during the session

How: Write your resume here, considering that you are applying for a job tomorrow

Note: Always share your resume either through the company’s website or via Mail to HR. Never upload the entire resume on professional networking sites like LinkedIn (as a Post) as it consists of your personal information and can be misused. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs in Resume.


1) Resume is important for__________?

a) Job Application

b) Promotion

c) Increment

2) Career Objective tells the recruiter about your _______________?

a) Experience

b) Personal Information

c) Career plans and short term goals.

3) Information in a resume should always be in ___________?

a) Bullet points

b) Paragraphs

c) Doesn’t matter

4) Which of the following will you mention first under the Educational Qualification Section?

a) Class 12 details

b) Graduation details

c) Class 10 details

5) Which of the following will validate the information you have provided in your Resume?

a) Reference

b) Your Signature

c) Personal Details