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MS Excel

  • Excel is a computer program used to create electronic spreadsheets.
  • Within excel users can organize data ,create charts and perform calculations.
  • Excel is a convenient program because it allows users to create large spreadsheets, reference information, and it allows for better storage of information.
  • ¬†Excels operates like other Microsoft(MS) office programs and has many of the same functions and shortcuts of other MS programs.


Ctrl + C = Copies highlighted Items

Ctrl + V = Pastes highlighted items

Ctrl + X = Cuts highlighted text or selected image

Ctrl + A = Select all 

Ctrl + N = Create a new workbook

Ctrl + F = Find anything in the workbook

Ctrl + U= To underline the highlighted text

Ctrl + P= To print a Workbook

Ctrl + W= To close the current workbook

Ctrl + K= To insert a link in a cell

Ctrl + H = To find and replace all cell contents

Excel Interface: 

Let us understand the Excel Interface:

Home Tab : Just like MS Word & MS PPT, it is the default tab when you open a new file with all the text editing tools and features.

Insert Tab: Here you get all the additional features like tables, Graphs, Pictures, Links to insert in your excel workbook.

Draw Tab: This is the same as you get in MS PPT with features of drawing and highlighting text.

Page Layout: This tab gives you the liberty to change the height, width, background etc of your workbook page.

Formulas Tab: This is the feature exclusive of MS Excel where you get several mathematical formulas through which you can work upon your mathematical data.

Date Tab: Again a unique feature of MS Excel. As we know excel is all about numbers and its analysis. Data tab helps us to sort, analyse, group, ungroup and many more. 

Review Tab: This is a common tab in MS Doc, MS PPT & MS Excel. We can check for spellings and grammar and proofread our data in excel.

View: As the name suggests this tab helps us to view our data in various orientations and formats.

Row: All the horizontal blocks are called rows. They are marked in numeric order.

Column: All the vertical blocks are called columns. They are marked in Alphabetical order.

Cell: The box where a Row and Column meets is called a Cell. 

Formula Bar: It is a tab which displays all our inputs. 

Note: A file in excel is often called as Workbook

Activity: Discuss and Draw a table

When: during session

How: Read this situation and draw a table at the blank space

You are the manager of a store, it is your job to keep a note of the amount of sales and expenses that takes place day to day . To keep account of this you decide to maintain an excel sheet. Which are the columns you are interested in and why? 

Draw the table you want to see here:-

Activity: Create table

When: during session

How: Under trainer’s guidance, create a table in excel using the following specifications:

  1. Create tables in excel with months as rows and Sales, Cost as columns. 

  2. Fill dummy data 

  3. perform arithmetic 

  4. summation , =SUM

  5. subtraction, = sales-cost

  6. adding percentages 

  7. formula = revenue-cost/ revenue

Answer/Outcome of this activity will be discussed in the session

Activity: Use SmartArt

When: during session

How: Make the following graphics in excel sheet

Activity: Create Dashboard

When: during session

How: Create a dashboard consisting pie chart, donut chart, line graph and bar graph to present a dashboard basis the given table:

Outcomes of Activities

Activity: Discuss and Draw a table

Activity: create a table

Activity: create dashboard

MS Excel Quiz:

  1. The box where a row and a column intersects is called?

  1. Worksheet

  2. Sum

  3. Cell

  4. Tab

     2) What is the name of the bar that allows you to perform mathematical functions?

  1. Math bar

  2. Number bar

  3. Calculation bar

  4. Formula bar

     3) Under which option of the ribbon tab can you use the function of sorting in ascending or descending manner?

  1.  Insert

  2. Home

  3. Data

  4. Page Layout

4) The selected portion in the below image is __________?

  1. Row

  2. Column

  3. Shelf

  4. Cell Cluster

5) Which of the following mathematical symbols, when added in a cell, acts as a shortcut for any formula in MS Excel?

  1. +

  2. =

  3. X