LP Stress & Anger Management

What is Stress and Stress Management

Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Work related stress is a specific type of stress that relates to the demands, opportunities, and constraints in the work environment. Anger is nothing but an emotional state of frustration & rage.

Stress management is a person’s response to stressors. 

Types of stressors

External Stressors

Internal Stressors

Physical Environment

Lifestyle choices

Social Interactions

Negative self-talk


Mind traps

Major Life Events

Personality traits

Daily Hassles

Activity: Understanding and Managing our stress

When: during session

How: discuss and decide some common causes of stress that you or your group members may face, their symptoms and possible solutions





How to manage stress: Four A’s of Stress Management

  1. 1. Avoid unnecessary stress

  • Learn how to say no

  • Avoid people who give you stress

  • Avoid topics that can invite negative thoughts

  1. 2. Alter the situation

  • Express your feelings instead of bottling them up

  • Be willing to compromise

  • Manage your time better

  1. 3. Adapt to the stressor

  • Look at the big picture

  • Adjust as per situation

  • Focus on the positives

  1. 4. Accept the things you can’t change

  • Don’t try to control the uncontrollable

  • Share your feelings

  • Learn to forgive

How to prevent Stress

  • Exercise

Go for a walk/run, work out, or go play a sport. Lots of research has shown that exercise is a great way to improve your mood and decrease negative feelings.

  • Listen to music

Music has also been shown to change a person’s mood pretty quickly. And if you dance, then you’re exercising and it’s a two-for-one.

  • Write down your thoughts and emotions regularly

You can write things in lots of ways; for example, in a journal or as your own poetry or song lyrics. After you’ve written it down, you can keep it or throw it away — it doesn’t matter. The important thing is, writing down your thoughts and feelings can improve how you feel. When you notice, label, and release feelings as they show up in smaller portions, they don’t have a chance to build up inside.

  • Draw

Scribbling, doodling, or sketching your thoughts or feelings might help too.

  • Meditate or practice deep breathing

This one works best if you do it regularly, as it’s more of an overall stress management technique that can help you use self-control when you’re mad. If you do this regularly, you’ll find that anger is less likely to build up.

  • Talk about your feelings with someone you trust

Lots of times there are other emotions, such as fear or sadness, beneath anger. Talking about them can help.

  • Distract yourself

If you find yourself stewing about something and just can’t seem to let go, it can help to do something that will get your mind past what’s bugging you — watch TV, read, or go to the movies.


1) Ramesh is an aspiring Guitarist, however he is a bit stressed with his board exams. Choose the best guidance for him?

a) Break his guitar

b) Ignore, there is nothing like stress

c) Cry and get depressed

d) Play guitar whenever stressed

2) Arjun is a short-tempered (one who gets angry easily) guy. Select the best alternative for him.

a) Ignore, anger is normal

b) Meditate

c) Fight with people

d) Become sad as it is opposite to anger

3) Smita is working day and night for an office project. She is deprived of sleep. Which of the following problems should she be most concerned about?

a) Stress

b) Dark Circles

c) Office Project

d) Social Life

4) Which of the following is not among the 4 A’s of Management?

a) Alter

b) Avoid

c) Adapt

d) Adore

5) Prisha is an introverted person. She is facing a lot of stress in her life. Help her to fight with it.

a) Socialize

b) Give up

c) Ignore, stress is common

d) Turn extrovert


1)  d (Doesn’t matter if you are a guitarist, painter or dancer. Whenever you are stressed it is best advised to follow your hobby)

2)  b (The best alternative for all short tempered people and also to manage anger is Meditation)

3)  a (Sleep deprivation can directly lead to stress)

4) d (The 4 A’s of management are Accept, Alter, Adore, Avoid)

5) a (For all the introvert person socializing is the best alternative to fight stress)

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