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Using technology for Job Search- Naukri

What is a job portal?

Job portals are job search engine sites that make the process of looking for a job easy and quick. These specialized search engines allow candidates to search for jobs suiting the role candidate is looking for, where, when and other criteria. Various job sites allow one to search many job boards, job postings and associations. Some special job sites can also aid the candidate in finding specific job roles or job roles in specific sectors. There are various job portals available to the candidate based on the needs and preferences of the candidate, such as:,,, and more. 

Why use job portals?

There are various ways job portals make the life of candidates easier, here are a few reasons job portals should be used:

●     It is easy to use job portals as it opens up the entire workplace market to the candidate at just the click of a button.

●     It is cheap, as it only requires the candidate to have a decent internet connection and a resume which is to be uploaded.

●     It is universal, as candidates can browse through job opportunities all across the globe.

●     It is convenient, as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Common job portals


2. LinkedIn


4. Times Job



In the list above, Linkedin and are the most sought after. 

About is an Indian employment and job portal working in India and Middle East. It has about 49.5 million registered job seekers (Dec 2016)

The platform is operational on both Website & Mobile App.

Naukri Interface: 



  • Free of cost registration

  • Multiple jobs on single click

  • Unadvertised Jobs

  • Job Application Tracking

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Direct contact to recruiter

  • Access to jobs in Gulf Nations

Activity: creating profile on Naukri

When: during session

How: Fill in the form to organise the information for creating a profile on Naukri. Profile form


Email Id

Phone Number


Your Location

Preferred Location( Can choose 3)

Current Industry


  • Highest education completed

  • Course(Full time/Part time)

  • Speciality during course

  • University/College

  • Year of Passing out

Things you are good at (Add you skills)/ Skills should be as per resume

Resume Headline/ One line description of your profile

Upload Resume( Should have your updated resume in your phone)

Profile Summary

Profile summary should mention the highlights of one’s career/ education. What are one’s professional interests and what kind of career one is looking for?

Details of project

Project titles


Started working from

Worked till

IT Skills


Desired Career Profile

Functional Area


Desired Job type( Permanent, Full time, Contractual, Part time)

Other Details

Date of Birth


Enter your Hometown

Enter your area pin code

Marital status

Enter Permanent Address

Category( SC/ST/General)

Languages Known

What is a good profile photo to be used for Job Portals?

  • Eyes:
    Make eye contact with the viewer. Look in the direction of the camera, and focus beyond it. This will create an impression of immediacy.

  • Smile:
    A smile is important. Show a few teeth if that feels natural to you. Research has shown that smiles showing teeth convey a more likeable impression.

  • Dress:
    Dress professionally and simply in a current style. Avoid dazzling patterns. Keep the focus on you rather than your clothes.

  • Double chins:
    Double chins and sagging jaw lines can be camouflaged by moving the jaw forward while holding the face steady. .

  • Simple background:
    A blank wall is best, if possible. The goal is to have something that is not distracting.

How to search and apply for jobs on Naukri

Using Desktop

  1. Go to and click on the search bar at the top

  2. In the search bar, type a keyskill, job designation or company name. You can also use Boolean search to refine your search query.

  3. You can type multiple terms in the search bar. An example would be search as “java, javascript, software engineer” which combines both keyskills such as ‘java’ and ‘javascript’ with the designation ‘software engineer’. This would look for all three terms to display job listings.

  4. Type the location where you would like to get a job in the location field. Select the work experience in years for which you want to see jobs in the work experience field. Select the minimum salary for which you would like to see jobs.

  5. Click Search

  6. Use filters such as Top Companies, Industry, Salary range, Location, Education, Employer type (posted by company or hiring consultancy), Job Type (International, Premium, Walk-in) and Freshness (how long ago the job was posted) to get more accurate results. These are found on the left side of the search results.

  7. You can click the Sort by dropdown at the top of the search results to sort either by relevance or by the date when the job was posted.

  8. Click a job listing to view more details about the job

  9. Click Apply or Apply on Company Website to apply for the job.

On Android and Mobile Web browser:

  1. Tap the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen. Select Search Jobs option to go to search page
    OR Tap the search icon in My Naukri Home page to go to Search Jobs page

  2. In the search bar, type a keyskill, job designation or company name.

  3. Type the location where you would like to get a job in the location field. Select the work experience in years for which you want to see jobs in the work experience field. Select the minimum salary for which you would like to see jobs.

  4. Tap Search Jobs

  5. Tap the filter icon at the bottom corner to filter and sort the results. You can sort by relevance or job posted date. You can use filters such as employer type, location, education, industry, salary and job type.

  6. Tap a job posting and click Apply or Apply on Company website button to apply to the job. Applying on the company website will take you outside Naukri to the company’s website.


  1. Which is the parent company of Naukri?

      Ans: _______________

  1. Can you register for free on Naukri?

  1. Yes                   b) No

       3)  Apart from India, which other regions of the world does Naukri provide strong job opportunities?

Ans: _____________

       4)  Ramesh is a graduate fresher and looking for a Job opportunity in Mumbai, for the role of Business Development. Mention the filters Ramesh can use to get ideal job openings. 

Location: ___________


Job type: _____________

     5)   Does Naukri offer Learning Course Material?

  1. Yes                                      b) No