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LP Linkedin

21st Century Literacies

Social Media & Networking – LinkedIn

 Lesson Plan


Participants will be able to create their profile and connect with their classmates after understanding the basic features and usage of LinkedIn

Total Time: 90 minutes

Materials Required: Pen, Notebook, Smartphone, Internet Connection, Sticky Notes, Projector.

Instructor Note: This lesson plan deals with basic nuances of LinkedIn and the importance of Social Networking. Trainer is directed to create awareness on the importance of LinkedIn in a student’s career. Make sure that every student has a basic profile on LinkedIn by the end of the session and are aware of its utilities and features. Trainer is required to deliver this session in an engaging environment. 

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants.

  • Take attendance.

  • Recap the previous session by asking 1-2 participants to share with the class what they learnt and did in the previous session.

5 Minutes

Opening Activity:

  • Alright everyone! Before we begin, let me ask you a question. What do you understand by the term Social Networking (randomly ask few students to define). Let us understand the importance of social networking through an activity.

  • Trainer’s role: Make 7 pairs of sticky notes mentioning professions and dialogues. Kindly refer to the next page for the same.

  • Each group in this activity consists of more than two members, instructing students to discuss and choose two members among themselves who would be reading out dialogues on behalf of their group.

  • Distribute sticky notes to each group and instruct students to read out their dialogues as per their turn. For example- groups having “Dialogue 1” mentioned on their note will read first, subsequently, the group having “Answer to Dialogue 1(Ans to D1)” on their note will read second, and so on.

  • Ask groups to concentrate on the activity so that they do not miss their turn.

At the end of the activity:

  • Ok students, what did we learn from this activity? Take a few responses.

  • From this activity, we learned about the power of social networking. All of us were surrounded by professionals from different backgrounds. We got real-time solutions to our problems such as medical, career advice, product advice, traveling advice, investment advice, etc. An individual surrounded by a circle as such will always possess sound knowledge that would help him/her in taking the right decision. But, do we all have such connections? How can we have such connections in our life?

  • In today’s session, we will be studying about social networking, social media, and LinkedIn, which is a social networking platform that helps us to virtually connect to professionals from different fields. 

10 Minutes

Concept Discussion

  • Divide students in 5 groups. Give them 5 minutes to educate themselves on the given concepts and tell them to summarise their learning in front of the class. 

    • What is Social Networking? What is the purpose of Social Networking?

    • What is Social Media?

    • What is LinkedIn and why should we use it?

    • How to get started on LinkedIn? 

    • How to Post and Share Content on LinkedIn.

  • After 10 minutes ask group representatives to come in front and explain their topic to everyone in 2 minutes. Give 2 more minutes to answer the questions students may get from other groups

  • At the end present your linkedin account on projector screen and quickly summarise what students have presented

30 Minutes

Activity: Creating profile on LinkedIn

  • Ask students to open their handbook and go to the activity “creating profile on LinkedIn”

  • Students have to follow the steps mentioned in the handbook to create their profile on LinkedIn

  • Trainer can create one student’s profile to demonstrate these steps on the projector screen. Other students can follow those steps real time

  • Ask students to send connection requests to you (the trainer) and to the person sitting next to them. This way the entire class will get connected on LinkedIn and the trainer will be able to see the profiles of all the students

  • Summarise the entire session and make sure that students have created their LinkedIn profile and are connected with their classmates.

  • If time allows, students can do some activity on LinkedIn in the class (commenting on the status of connections, posting an update or photo of their session with relevant caption, sending connection requests to other teachers and professionals they want to connect to, following the organisations they like)

  • Trainer can randomly check some profiles and share generic feedback with the class

35 Minutes

Closing Activity:

  • Encourage students to use LinkedIn by saying “Alright, everyone! Now all of us have a LinkedIn profile, explore more features of LinkedIn, connect with your family, friends, and people from different professions, apply for jobs recommended by LinkedIn, attend online events organized by LinkedIn etc.”

5 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time.

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them.

  • Share the topic of the next session.

5 Minutes