How Purpose Drives SAP Employees towards Global Goals & UNSDGs: Quality Education and Decent Work & Economic Growth

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Digital Inclusion & Literacy to drive Digital India: With 45% of the world population equipped with internet access and 95% having cell phone coverage, India is still massively lagging behind in digital literacy. There is an alarming 90% of Indian population have no idea what digital literacy is! In this competitive era of clicks and instant information, the lack of digital literacy & digital inclusion, which is not just restricted rural regions, but also in urban India as well, the goals of SAP CSR initiative – Code Unnati – and employee volunteering is predominantly to bridge the huge gap. The world is going digital and digital literacy is almost just as important as literacy to survive and do something meaningful these days. For Digital India, our initiative fosters inclusion, propel better digital infrastructure, and impart digital inclusion among citizens.

Drive Economic Growth & Digital Inclusion: According to Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE),there are currently nearly 31 million individuals looking for jobs in India. Job seekers lack right employable skills for better success at employment. At SAP, the focus is on identifying the root cause of lack of employability and working on finding robust solutions. Code Unnati is aimed at educating the youth, urban slums, and the differently-abled to build a digitally empowered community, instill digital literacy, and create employment opportunities. Digital education has enormous power for employment creation, leading to economic growth

How Code Unnati is fostering Digital India Vision & skilled employee volunteering propel the purpose

While empowering rural citizens & students with digital literacy, Code Unnati took another huge step by extending its outreach & support to underprivileged youth & children in urban slum cluster, with the launch of training centers in Dharavi, Mumbai

SAP acknowledges how disturbing the statistics are for digital inclusion in India, and launched Code Unnati in June 2017 with a vision to educate underprivileged children, adolescents, and youth, to foster digital inclusion & propel economic development for citizens.

Code Unnati Youth Centres were inaugurated in Dharavi, Mumbai on 18th May, 2018. The event aimed to competency development for future generation with skills that would be very effective in real world to be employed. Lack of digital literacy is just as crippling for today’s youth as not knowing how to read or write. As a technology through leader, SAP supports government’s Digital India campaign and commits to impart quality IT education to youth.

Employees Contributing to the higher purpose – Helping students navigate the digital world

Code Unnati Center at Dharavi witnessed a wave of joy and excitement, when underprivileged kids got the opportunity to learn computer programming and coding from SAP Employees.

Around 37 employees from Enterprise Key team of SAP Indian Subcontinet, first learnt the SCRATCH and then taught the same to 30 students enrolled in the Dharavi Youth Center.

Partnered with HOPE Foundation, SAP volunteers have been enabling digitization in rural areas like Bharatpur and Talasari till now, and this new venture in Mumbai is sure to change the face of digital literacy or the lack of it as prevalent in today’s society.

SAP Employees, equipped with IT and Communication skills, found it enjoyable and enriching to teach to the students. This is just the beginning

Purpose of Code Unnati towards UN Sustainable Development Goals

Most of us who have seamlessly gone through schools & colleges cannot even begin to comprehend what life could be like if we never got the basic education! Unfortunately, not everyone is that privileged in India and most below poverty line kids do not have proper access to education, skills, and the benefits that tag along.

Both urban slum clusters and rural far-flung areas require support for Quality Education [SDG#4] and Decent Work & Economic Growth [SDG #17]. Code Unnati propelling the purpose through programmatic intervention and employee volunteering

SAP is committed to alleviate digital illiteracy in India through several vital goals and ventures, its collaboration with UN-SDG #4 –Quality Education is one of them. Code Unnati, aptly, aims to promote Digital India’s plan of educating 1 million citizens with digital literacy by 2019. SAP talent will play a vital role in achieving this important goal. SAP will provide the technological infrastructure and the necessary expertise on course curriculum, instruction manuals on course conduct, and teachers.