Group Project


Day 1

Lesson Plan: 90 Minutes

Objective: Participants will practise collaboration skills in a real environment by identifying a common problem 

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Material required:

Computer lab (for students to do the research, if required)

Instructor Note: 

After learning the collaboration skills in class through activities, our participants will now practise these skills in real life through project based learning. Trainer should support and observe the participants to ensure that they apply everything they have learned in the class. Throughout the session, observe students on their collaboration skills and make notes with evidence to be shared in feedback session

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • In pairs, ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Recap the previous session by asking 1-2 participants to share with the class, what they learnt and did in the previous session

5 Minutes

Opening Activity:

  • Divide students in groups of 5 

  • Ask them to write down their 5 biggest learnings from previous sessions on empathy, teamwork, negotiation, conflict management

  • Each group will take 5 minutes to discuss internally 

  • Each group will then come in front one by one to present their 5 learnings

  • End the activity by filling the gaps if students would have missed any important learnings

20 Minutes

Project Announcement: 

Announce the start of “Social Project” and the plan-

Day 1(today) students will work together to identify one problem that their school/college/society/community/town is facing

Day 2: students will work on the solution 

Day 3: students will present the solution in class

Day 4: Students will be given time to execute that solution

Announce the things to consider-

  • Project should be executable on Day 4 (examples- they can decide to spend some time in the old age homes, or they can decide to deliver an interesting session to students in nearby school or to their juniors, they can decide to renovate an area in their campus to make it better)

  • Each group will make notes to give it a shape of a small project report at the end of the project

  • Groups have to keep the learnings from the previous sessions in mind to make it a collaborative effort for a common goal

10 Minutes


  • Let students work on identifying the problem

  • They can discuss with the trainer, call other people or do some research to find out the problem

  • Encourage them to use creative methods of making the problem statement real and objective. Give them examples of doing surveys or focused group discussions to identify the most common problems

  • Roam around and help students process their own thoughts well. Don’t give them ideas but help and encourage them to be innovative and specific with their thoughts

  • Close the activity by telling them that they have to present the problem statement in front of the class in the next session. If they want to do any survey, they should do that before the next session

50 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

  • Collect 1-2 most interesting activity sheets/artefacts from students and show to Nodal officer and institution head after session

  • Click pictures of the artefacts for documentation

5 Minutes

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