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Group Presentation Prepare

Communication Skills

Group Presentation- Prepare & Practice

Lesson Plan

Objective: Participants will be able to prepare for the presentation 

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Material required:

Computer lab with MS Office and Internet Connection

Instructor Note: 

After students have decided the topic and flow of the presentation in the previous session, they should be allowed to make improvisations, prepare supporting material and practice with the group members. 

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • In pairs, ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Recap the previous session by asking 1-2 participants to share with the class, what they learnt and did in the previous session

5 Minutes

Activity: Prepare & Practice

  • Ask students to share the structure they had decided in the previous session in front of everyone. 

  • Other students will share their suggestions

  • Students can keep the surprise elements hidden if they don’t want their audience to know the complete structure. They can also just present the structure to the trainer for suggestions

  • After getting suggestions, students will start working on the presentation material for the execution the next day.

  • The entire session will be used for this, trainer will be available for help

  • Students should feel free to make calls, buy supporting material, move out of the class for their preparation

80 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

  • Collect 1-2 most interesting activity sheets/artefacts from students and show to Nodal officer and institution head after session

  • Click pictures of the artefacts for documentation

5 Minutes