Group Mentorship Self Evaluation

Group Mentorship- Self Evaluation and Goal Setting

Lesson Plan



Participants will be able to get feedback and suggestions from peer groups as well as the trainer on self-evaluation and goal setting. This session will also be used to create the groups and group boards that will run throughout the programme

Total Time: 90 Minutes
Materials Required: Chart papers (1 for each group), sketch-pens and pencils
Instructor Note: 

This mentorship session will ensure that each student has done self evaluation and goal setting correctly and that they understand the importance of Learning Agility & Grit as a way to become more self-reliant and growth mindset oriented. 

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants
  • Take attendance
  • Ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling.
5 Minutes
Activity 1: Debrief the module

Trainer will ask the following question from students to reflect on their learning-

  • What is self-awareness?
  • Why do we do self-evaluation?
  • How should we do self-evaluation?
  • Who are the people that can be involved in this process?
  • Define SMART goals

Through this short question & answer activity, Trainer will ensure that all the students are on the same page for the concepts. 

10 Minutes
Activity 2: Group Mentorship

Discussion with peer group

  • Let students divide themselves in groups of 5 people each. They can choose their friends/people they are comfortable with.
  • Tell them to take 10 minutes to share the following with each other-
  1. Their strengths and weaknesses
  2. SMART Goal for 10 days
  3. Action plan to achieve that goal

Mentorship meetings

  • After students are done with their discussion, you can start the mentorship meetings with each group one by one. 
  • You can spend 15 minutes with each group.
  • Tell all the students that while you are talking to one group, other groups can create the “group board” using chart paper and sketch pens. 
  • Each group has to mutually decide a name for their group
  • They have to write the name of their group and names of all the group members at the top of chart paper. Rest of the chart-paper will be blank for now
  • These “group boards” will be used by trainer to display scores, attendance, and appreciations over the course of the programme
  • While the trainer will use these chart papers to convey their messages to the groups, the responsibility to maintain these boards will be of group members. Example- in case the chart paper tears-up after a few days, groups will have to replace it.
  • Groups can also create WhatsApp groups with their group members for effective communication

This is what trainers will do in 15 minutes mentorship meetings-

  • Check students’ list of strengths and weaknesses 
  • Ask them follow-up questions to ensure they know what and why they have added things in the list
  • Give your suggestions, if any
  • Reiterate that knowing ourselves and setting smaller goals is the way to succeed in life. This makes us emotionally intelligent, self-learners, and growth oriented 
  • Tell them that you are with them to support them if they need more help
  • Encourage them to follow the action plan they have made for themselves 
  • Tell them they will work as buddies for each other in coming 10 days and they will ensure that their groups members are following the action plans they have decided for themselves
70 Minutes


Closing Protocol: 

Thank the participants for their time

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them
  • Share the topic of the next session
  • Tell students that you will have more such mentorship sessions in the programme 
5 Minutes


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