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Clothes and manners do not make a man or a woman, but when he/she is made, they greatly improve his appearance. Whether this is real or imaginary the most important fact is that your appearance influences the opinion of everyone around you.

Personal grooming is a way of life. It is a process of making yourself look neat and attractive. These are the things which you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy & pleasant. Everyone should go about grooming themselves well for their own satisfaction, for boosting their image and self-esteem.

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By following these basic personal grooming tips, you can ensure making a good impression on people who meet you, as well as those around you.


Your face is the first point of contact when you meet someone. You don’t need makeup to make a good impression. Just keep your nostrils clean, your eyes crust-free, eyebrows trimmed, and avoid unwanted facial hair.


As a general rule, keep your skin clean and dry. Not sweaty or sticky. Just cleanse your skin everyday and apply a suitable moisturizer


Like your skin, keep your hair clean and dry. Also, keep a tidy hairstyle. Hair shouldn’t fall over the ears, eyebrows or even touch the back of the collar. In case you have long hair make sure to tie them properly. Well combed hair with minimal accessories is the key to go.

For men, facial Hair should be well trimmed, with a proper shape of Moustache and SideBurns. If you have a patchy beard, it is always suggested to shave it.


Nail art is great but avoid dirt under your nails. And cut nails in the right shape. There are people who chew their nails when they are nervous or upset, you should try to avoid that.


No cracked heels. No dirty toenails. Avoid smelly socks. If you tend to sweat too much through your feet, put some baby powder in your shoes before wearing them. It won’t do any changes to your appearance, but it will definitely help you not feel self-conscious about your sweaty feet. And that will help you focus your mind on other important tasks around you.


Wear shoes that don’t make you limp or drag your feet. Also, wear shoes according to your age, occasion and use.


Always go for well fitting clothes. Wear your current size, not the size you want to be. Wear the style that’s appropriate for the occasion and place you are going to. Feel comfortable and classy.

If you are supposed to wear Uniform in your organisation or college, always wear a clean and well ironed uniform. It’s good to keep a spare uniform with you, apart from your regular ones.

Mens Dressing Formal and Business Casual:

  • Mens formal dressing includes a plain formal shirt, trousers, coat/blazer and tie.

  • Always use a tie if you are wearing a coat or blazer.

  • If you don’t have a tie, a simple formal shirt, shoes and trousers would do.

  • For Business Casual: Trousers can be replaced with chinos.

  • Socks: Full length socks in formal attire, one can use ankle length in Business Casuals. Wash your socks daily and never repeat the old unwashed socks again.

  • Accessories: Wrist watch (avoid sporty watches), Clean White Handkerchief,

Women’s Formal:

  • Shirts (Solid, Micro & Broad Stripes, Micro & Broad Checks, Printed, 3/4th sleeves)

  • Trousers (slim fit, straight fit, stripe, plain)

  • Blazers, Suits

  • Skirts

  • Salwar Kameez

  • Accessories (Scarves, ties, belts, purse, jewelry, sandals, shoes)

Activity: Checklist for Image building

When: during session:

How: under trainer’s guidance, fill the sections in the checklist

Personal Hygiene and Grooming


General Etiquette

Activity: Quiz

When: during session:

How: under trainer’s guidance, fill the sections in the mind map

1) Unlike social etiquette, office and business etiquette are primarily based on :

(A) Hierarchy and Power

(B) Personal relationships between co- workers

(C) Common sense and courteously

(D) Option a and c

2. You invite an out-of-town client to dinner to discuss work; you should:

(A) Take them to your favorite sports bar that’s showing an important game

(B) Take them to an upscale French restaurant with a romantic ambience

(C) Ask for their preference and pick an appropriate restaurant

(D) Invite the client to your office to eat fast food

3. Your office culture allows you to keep personal items on your desk and in your cubicle. You:

(A) Fill your desk with pictures of family and friends, kids’ artwork, favorite knick & knacks.

(B) Balance personal and office items in your cubicle. One in five objects on your desk can be personal

(C) Avoid displaying anything other than work-related items on your desk. It is inappropriate for your attention.

(D) Your cubicle is a mess of scattered papers, so you do not have any space for personal items

4. Emails should be replied to within ___ hours while phone calls should be returned within ___ hours.

(A) 48, 24

(B) 24, 4

(C) 4, 24

(D) 24, 24

5.  If you eat at your desk, which  2 rules should you always follow?

(A) Eat foods that have low odor.

(B) Don’t chomp ,talk with your mouth full.

(C) Eat only healthy foods so you don’t tempt dieters.

(D) Never eat at your desk.

6. What do you do if you are expecting a call on your cell phone but you have to go into a meeting?

A. Inform your colleagues that you are expecting a call and may need to briefly leave the meeting when the call comes through.

B. Warn your colleagues that you are expecting a call and answer it freely while in the meeting.

C. Put your phone on vibrate and quickly leave the meeting when the call comes through.

D. Ask the person who is facilitating the meeting to stop for a minute while you take the call.

7. Should you connect with your boss on Facebook or Twitter ?

(A) Yes

(B) No

8. You are running 15 minutes late to a meeting with a client. What should you do?

(A) Stop what you’re working on and leave for the meeting immediately

(B) The client is your friend, he will wait as long as you want

(C) Your client won’t mind waiting, 15 minutes is nothing

(D) Call the client and tell him that you’ll be there in a few minutes

9. A co-worker comes to your office to introduce you to a friend of his. You:

  1. Smile and nod

  2. You stand up, establish eye contact, smile and shake his hand

  3. Wave and tell him how happy you are to meet him

  4. Give him a “high five”