G Suite

What is G Suite?

G suite was launched in the year 2006 as Google Apps. Later in the year 2016 it was rebranded as G Suite and now it is commonly called as Google Workplace. 

G Suite Consists of:

  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Meets
  • Chat
  • Drive
  • Forms

Note: This is just a basic list. Students are expected to research & try to find what other services G Suite offers. 

Gmail: It is an Email service provided by google free of cost. This is the most widely used Email service across the globe.

Contacts: A free service by Google Contact management tool, where you can save contact, Import/Export and retrieve contacts in a new device with Gmail ID.

Calendar: This is a feature that helps you in Time Management & Scheduling. You get free services to schedule your meeting or work and you also get reminder emails. 

Meets: With increased online meetings in past years due to Covid-19, you also get the facility of Google meets where you can have an online video conference with features like screen sharing and more. You can access Meets via Google chats and also through Gmail. 

Chats: Although it is not commonly used, it is an amazing feature of messaging where you can chat, create rooms and do video calls to your contacts.

Drive:  One of the most widely used features. This helps you to save your file in cloud storage with 15 GB of Free Storage. 

Forms: If you are working in marketing or need to do project survey or want entries for college events and function Google forms is the best way you have on online platform.


Google Suite vs MS Office:

As you are now aware of MS Office tools along with hands-on practice. Let us dive into why G Suite is also important and why G Suite is widely used in corporates.

MS Word vs Google Docs

Yes, MS word has superior features as compared to Google Docs. It is very easy to make a report, resume and any type of document with various templates available. Which you don’t get on Google Doc. Also both are compatible with each other. Formatting in MS Word is way better than Docs. 

But Google docs is way better than Word when few people or a team wants to work on the same file together. Google Docs gets extra

points for this handy feature. 

MS Excel vs Google Sheets 

If you want to create a work all alone then Excel is the best choice with a variety of templates available as per the needs. But if you are working in a team and everyone has to put in their inputs in a single file then there is no replacement for Google Sheets. Google sheets have this feature of commenting in file so as to ease the communication.

MS PPT vs Google Slides 

Again with the basic difference of high features in PPT and collaborative working in Sheets. The most defining difference is that PPT has a feature of Qickstarter that gives you a wide range of outline, template and themes for your presentation.

Google Drive Files:

Can you name them?

Google Drive files

Base of Difference MS Office Google Suite
Storage MS Office gives 1TB of space Google Drive gives 15 GB of free storage
Collaboration Not easy to share the files with multiple users Multiple users can share and use the file at same time.
Saving File You have to manually save the file  File gets automatically saved in every second you make a change
Internet Connectivity You have the facility of working offline Internet connectivity is required


Create the following table and graphs in Google Sheets

Match the pair (Match the Correct File with their Logo)

Google Drive (a)
Google Docs (b)
Google Sheets (c)
Google Forms (d)
Google Drawings (e)

Situation Based Questions:

1) Rohan, Ajay and Pranay are working on a research project. They have decided to input all their research data in a single sheet. Which of the following tool will you suggest for a better input?

a) Google Sheets

b) MS Excel

2) Kirti is making a presentation for a Presentation Contest which will be held in her college. She is participating alone. Suggest an Ideal presentation tool for her.

a) Google Slides

b) MS Powerpoint

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