Feedback on Resume and Cover Letter


Lesson Plan


Participants will be able to have final feedback from trainer on Resume and Cover Letter

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Materials Required: Students’ resumes and cover letters, projector and screen

Instructor Note: 

This session will give some time to the trainer to close the writing module under communication skills, focusing on Resume and Cover letter. Randomly review 5 resumes and 5 cover letters from this cohort of students and note down common mistakes and suggestions to make it better.

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • Ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Make everyone feel comfortable

5 Minutes

Activity 1: Review of sample resumes and cover letters

  • Show the 5 resumes you had randomly picked on projector and share your review in detail

  • Give 10 minutes to students to revisit their resumes and cover letters and make any final changes, if needed

20 Minutes

Activity 2: Group Mentorship

  • Ask each group to come to you one by one for mentorship

  • Spend 10 minutes with each group

This is what the trainer can do in 10 minutes

  • First, ask students about their overall journey so far and how they are feeling with each other. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes on this

  • Take one student’s resume and cover letter and review that in detail and tell group members the changes it may need

  • Let them ask questions to be 100% sure about what’s needed in a resume and cover letter

  • If you are left with some time, take one more resume from this group and review that too

  • Ask group members to use remaining class time or the time after session to make their resumes and cover letters 100% ready. If their resumes are final then they can get them printed

60 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Ask students to share their final resumes and cover letters with you on your email within 2 days

  • Tell students that they will bring the printed copy of their resumes on the day of mock interview(day 42)

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

5 Minutes

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