Feedback on Resilience Anger & stress

Group Mentorship on Resilience, Anger & Stress and Time Management

Lesson Plan


Participants will be able to get a safe space to reflect on their emotions and take guidance from the trainer

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Materials Required: observation notes from previous sessions about students’ ability to manage emotions and failures

Instructor Note: 

Having spent so many days with students, there will be plenty of observations about students’ ability to identify and manage their emotions. Trainer will use today’s session to help students reflect on their own emotional intelligence and will also share observations and suggestions.

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • Ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Make everyone feel comfortable

5 Minutes

Activity 1: Peer feedback

  • Ask students to sit in their groups

  • Appreciate them for supporting each other throughout the journey till here

  • Tell them that while self-discipline, self-management and emotional intelligence play the most important role in managing good & bad situations, having buddies alongside can really make it easy to handle situations as well as own emotions

  • Tell them that the groups have 15 minutes to share observations and suggestions with each other on 

  1. Resilience 

  2. Stress Management

  3. Anger Management

  4. Time Management

  • Tell them that they will rotate in circle and each pair will get 3 minutes and that’s how they will be able to share and get feedback from each member of the group

15 Minutes

Activity 2: Group Mentorship

  • Ask each group to one by one to you for mentorship

  • Spend 10 minutes with each group

This is what the trainer can do in 10 minutes

  • First, ask students about their experience of giving feedback to each other

  • Share your observations of them handling the situations and emotions

  • Ask students if they have any problems or difficult emotions or situations that they want to discuss. Give them suggestions. If you don’t have answers to their questions, tell that you will go back and find some solution after discussing with programme management team

  • If there any sensitive observations or if there are some students who you think need one one one time then speak to them separately

55 Minutes

Activity 3: Open House

Spend this time to 

  • talk to some students one-one-one 


  • have a repeat conversation with some groups who want to speak once again 


  • have a motivational conversation with the entire class

10 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Close the session with alot of encouragement and tips that students can follow on daily basis to become better at interview skills

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

5 Minutes

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