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Feedback on Presentation


Lesson Plan


Participants will receive feedback and tips for improvement based on their presentation on the previous day

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Material required:

Scoring sheets that were filled by the trainers and guests on the execution day

Instructor Note:

After observing students on the presentation day, the trainer can use today’s session to help them know how they performed and what can be done better next time. Read the remarks and scoring sheets and make the feedback notes ready.

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • In pairs, ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Recap the previous session by asking 1-2 participants to share with the class, what they learnt and did in the previous session

5 Minutes

Activity 1

  • Trainer will make group calls (ideally video calls) or will meet in person to share individual feedback.

  • The call should start with ensuring that the students are mentally ready to accept feedback.

  • Trainer should first ask students for their feedback for their own performance

  • After self feedback by students, the trainer should share his/her own feedback as well as the remarks from the audience. The feedback should be followed by improvement tips and action plans.

  • Spend 10 minutes with each group

  • Encourage them to ask questions, if they have any

  • Ensure that students are leaving with pride, open mindset and will to do even better

80 Minutes

Closing Protocol:

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

  • Collect 1-2 most interesting activity sheets/artefacts from students and show to Nodal officer and institution head after session

  • Click pictures of the artefacts for documentation

5 Minutes