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Priya’s story:

Priya was a young businesswoman who was earning good money and fame because of her work. After getting success in her community, she wanted to scale her business to other towns. To be able to do this, she had to collaborate with other people and get investments by pitching her ideas to the investors. Her ideas were really impressive but she was not able to express them in her conversations. Everytime she ended a meeting, her regret followed her for not being able to share her ideas. She lacked confidence and habit of speaking on the spot.

Isn’t it the story of most of us? We have a lot of thoughts but we fail to articulate them well. Let’s use the extempore to overcome this fear.


The literal meaning of Extempore is “At the Time ” a situation where you speak on a topic without any pre planned preparation. 

Some topics that you can practice speaking:

  • 3 life lessons I have learned

  • The best vacation I have had

  • My favourite book/ person on the earth/ place to visit

  • The future of our country

  • What makes a person successful

  • The power of habit

  • The happiest day of my life

  • A turning point in my life

  • If I were the Prime Minister of our country

  • If I were given a chance to be invisible for a day

Areas to Focus on for an Effective Extempore:

  • Content Knowledge

  • Confidence

  • Voice Modulation

  • Time Management

  • Instant Thinking

  • Communication

  • Comprehension

  • Idea Generation

Activity: your suggestions for Priya

When: during session

How: After reading Priya’s story at the beginning of the session, share atleast 5 suggestions for her to become a confident speaker


Students are expected to Complete the following after their completion of Extempore Module:

List 3 Benefits of Extempore that you came across:




Write any 5 Tricks that helped you to deliver a successful Extempore






Note: Fill the points based on your experience