MS Excel

Digital Literacy (21st Century Literacies)

Microsoft Excel 1

Lesson Plan


Participants will be able to understand, apply and interpret basic arithmetic and formatting in excel. 

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Materials Required: 

Computer lab with projector and screen, MS Excel installed on all the computers for students

Instructor Note: 

This session is the beginning of MS Excel. Based on the understanding level and pre-existing skill set of students, use demonstration as a training method and make students practice as much as possible. In this session, basic arithmetic (Summation, Subtraction, Percentages) and formatting will be covered.

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants
  • Take attendance
  • In pairs, ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling
  • Recap the previous session by asking 1-2 participants to share with the class, what they learnt and did in the previous sessions of Digital Literacy

5 Minutes

Opening Activity:

  • Ask students if they have ever used or seen MS Excel
  • Tell them the basic use of excel
  • With the help of projector, demonstrate opening a blank sheet
  • Introduce basics of excel-
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Cell
  • Tabs at the top

10 Minutes

Activity 1: Discuss and draw a table

  • Ask students to sit with their group members
  • Ask them to open MS Excel in their handbook and read the instructions for Activity 1
  • Students will get 5 minutes to discuss and decide the table they want to create and why
  • Ask group representatives to tell the rows and columns they would like to create and why
  • Create the following table on the board, and then with the help of projector, demonstrate creating the same table in excel 

15  Minutes

Activity 2: Create a table

  • Ask students to read instructions of Activity 2 in the handbook:
  • Create tables in excel with months as rows and Sales, Cost as columns. 
  • Fill dummy data 
  • Perform arithmetic 
  • Summation , =SUM
  • Subtraction, = sales-cost
  • Adding percentages 
  • Formula = revenue-cost/ revenue
  • With the help of projector, demonstrate creating table as per the instructions 
  • Ask students to create the same table in excel, give them 10 minutes to do this activity
  • After 10 minutes, ask students to check each other’s excel 
  • Randomly check some excels
  • Demonstrate again if students found this activity difficult


25  Minutes

Concept Discussion:

  • Ask if some columns are more important than others ?
  • Can changing the colour of certain values give it more importance ? 
  • Introduce them to Formatting. 
  • Take suggestions to make the table more readable 
  • Tell them the importance of formatting in excel to make the information more relevant

10 Minutes

Concept Demonstration: Formatting

Explain and demonstrate the following functions:

  • Add Rows 
  • Add Columns 
  • Add titles 
  • Merging Cells
  • Highlighting 
  • Changing the colour of Cells
  • Changing the font 
  • Bold/ Italics
  • Change size 
  • Adding symbols

10 Minutes

Activity 3: Practice

  • Ask students to use the table they created in Activity 2 for practice and practice all the formatting options that can be used to make the information more relevant
  • Encourage them to ask questions if they find applying any option difficult
  • At the end, ask students to save and close the excel on their computers with a relevant name

 10 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time
  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them
  • Share the topic of the next session
  • Collect 1-2 most interesting activity sheets/artefacts from students and show to Nodal officer and institution head after session
  • Click pictures of the artefacts for documentation

5 Minutes

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