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Writing Cover Letter 

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document sent with the resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. The letter provides detailed information on why and how you are qualified for the job that you are applying for.

A good cover letterĀ 

  • Gets attention of the employer

  • Tells a lot about your personality

  • Complements your resume with additional information, rather than simply restating the facts mentioned in your resume

Basic Cover Letter Format:

  1. Your name

  2. Salutation to the receiver

  3. Introductory Paragraph

  • Give a catchy opening line along with the role you are applying for and why you are a good fit for the job role.

  1. Body paragraph

  • Mention your previous positions, projects & skills acquired.

  1. Closing Paragraph

  • Tell why you are interested in the position, your interest towards the company and what makes you a good fit. (Detailed Information)

  1. Call-to-Action

  • Convince to make the recruiter move forward with your application.

Tips for an Effective Cover Letter

  • Strong opening

  • Keep confident writing tone

  • Short & Crisp

  • Proofread to avoid any grammatical and spelling error

  • Be Optimistic

  • Research about your Company and job role 

Sample Cover letter:


Job Role (e.g. Marketing Executive, Executive Software developer)


(Your Email)                                             (Your Contact Number)                                        (Your Address)


Name of Hiring Manager

Organization’s name


Email ID of Hiring manager


Introductory Paragraph: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Give a creative opening via an anecdote or quote, mention about the job role you are applying and support it with reasons as to why do you think yourself as fit for the position)

Body Paragraph:


(Basically you have to mention the entire key points of your resume in a detailed manner. Like explain your past job role and responsibilities, how it is related to the current job role. talk about your past Projects,Short Courses, Skills etc.)

Closing Paragraph: 


(Conclude by telling why you are interested and you being the ideal candidate for the open position. This has to be very strong as this will convince the recruiter to move ahead with your application)

Closing Salutation

(Your Name)

Activity: Writing Cover Letter

When: during the session

How: Write your cover letter here, considering that you are applying for a job tomorrow


1) A cover letter is a Document which is attached with ___________?

a) Resume 

b) Job Offer

c) Notice

2) Usually a Cover letter is written to ____________?

a) Marketing Manager

b) Finance Manager

c) Hiring Manager

3) The top most heading in a Cover letter consists of?

a) Name

b) Job Role

c) Career Objective

4) How is a Cover letter different from Resume?

a) Cover letter is more detailed

b) No difference both are same

c) Resume is more informative

5) For which of the following documents, doing research on Company & Job Role is must?

a) Resume

b) Cover Letter

c) Termination Letter

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