Code Unnati: Deepening partnerships for Digital Inclusion


Code Unnati – computer center in the school of Chirala, Andhra Pradesh

SAP India CSR’s flagship initiative #CodeUnnati

Code Unnati has been envisaged as Corporate to Citizen, digital literacy and IT Skills Development initiative, fostering #DigitalInclusion in India. Launched in June 2017, as a mutli-stakeholder multi year approach to drive Digital Literacy and Digital Skills Development Initiaitve

Code Unnati fosters SAP CSR Mission on “Powering Opportunities through Digital Inclusion”

Code Unnati functions at 4 levels:

1. Children & Adolescents : Teaching basic computing (Explorer functions, Internet savviness, etc.) to advanced topics for adolescents (e.g. HTML5, etc.), as per various state board syllabus in India, contributing to UNSDG #4

2. Youth: provide employable IT skills, e.g. JavaScript, Coding & Programming Languages, C/C++, Web Development & Web Designing, Data Science, etc. – leading to employment opportunities, contributing to UNSDG#4 and UNSDG#8

3. Differently-abled:to mainstream through computer teaching as per National Digital Literacy Mission, contributing to UNSDG#4

3. Citizen Services:to foster digital inclusion for the last miles, enabling citizen & welfare services at the grass root level, strengthening UNSDG#4

Code Unnati, CSR-to-CSR Partnerships : SAP CSR Strengthening Collaboration with ITC CSR, Fostering #DigitalInclusion in Rural India

Strengthening UNSDG #17 : Partnerships for Goals

ITC CSR has been the partner since the launch of Code Unnati, from June 2017. The Code Unnati partnership goal is to teach Digital Literacy to 5,700 students in 27 schools in the rural areas of East Godawari and Prakasam districts in Andhra Pradesh, through a Non-Profit Partner – Pratham InfoTech Foundation

The Code Unnati partnership aims at the following, through a collaboration with ITC CSR

1. Propelling Digital Literacy education in the rural areas, by providing quality teachers, digital infrastructure, enabling pedagogy and state relevant syllabus

2. Take the digial education at the last miles, by incorporating the subjects under the schools

3. To set up or refurbish the Computer Labs in the schools

4. Collaborate with local district, village administration and village councils (Gram Panchayats)

Launch of 10 more computer labs in Chirala area, Guntur, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, on 6 April 2018

10 more computer labs were inaugurated in Chirala, along with ITC CSR team and the Sarapanch (Village Council Head) of the Chirala area


To extend Digital Literacy education through class room, virtual (through mobile phones) and mobile (code Unnati on mobile van)

To affirm Digital Inclusion to empower citizens for better educational and livelihood opportunities