Assessment & Feedback- Aptitude

Lesson Plan


To assess participants’ understanding of Numeracy and reasoning and to guide them with further tips and suggestions

Total Time: 90 Minutes

Materials Required: Assessment printout for each student/google form link or any other platform where the assessment has been published (to be decided by programme management team)

Instructor Note: 

This mentorship session will ensure that each student is aligned with the importance and objective of basic Aptitude related to Numeracy and Reasoning. Making it clear that it’s not a subject to learn but a skill to practice. Check with the programme management team whether the assessment will be conducted on paper or online through google form/any mobile app.

Opening Protocol:

  • Greet the participants

  • Take attendance

  • Ask participants to share with each other how they are feeling

  • Make everyone feel comfortable

5 Minutes

Activity 1: Assessment-Digital Literacy

  • Trainer will ask students to take the Aptitude assessment 

  • Explain the assessment format i.e. multiple choice questions are there, they have to mark on the right answer, these questions covers topics that they have learned in Aptitude

  • Give them clear instructions about timing, how to mark answer

  • Tell them that there is no negative marking

60 Minutes

Activity 2: Guidance by Trainer

  • Ask students to sit in the same groups of buddies that they had created on Day 5

  • Give them 5 minutes to share their experience of assessment with each other

  • Ask groups to share topics that they still need guidance on. Write the topics on the board

  • Take the common topics and explain/demonstrate those topics again

  • Share common observations, suggestions, tips to follow for practicing Aptitude

20 Minutes

Closing Protocol: 

  • Thank the participants for their time

  • Announce the next time you will be visiting them

  • Share the topic of the next session

  • Tell students that you will have more such mentorship sessions in the programme 

5 Minutes

Assessment Questions

For Students

  • Time: 60 minutes

  • There is no negative marking

  • Each correct answer carries 1 score

  • This assessment carries total 25 scores

  • To be done individually by each student

1)  A/B in terms of ratio can be written as?

a) A & B

b) A : B

c) A # B

2) Find the ratio of 25 to 40 ?

a) 5:8

b) 10:2

c) 4:7

3) Find the ratio of 90 cm to 1.5 m?

a) 6:0.1

b) 3:5

c) 8:3

4) Rajat earns Rs. 14, 000 as his monthly salary and Pranay earns Rs. 18,000 as his monthly salary, calculate the ratio of their salaries. 

a) 1:9

b) 3:5

c) 7:9

5) In an office there are a total of 144 employees. Out of them 56 are mens and the rest are women. Calculate the ratio of women to men. 

a) 11:7

b) 7:11

c) 10:7

6) The term percentage is the  fraction with denominator  _______?

a) Hundred (100)

b) Five Hundred (500)

c)  Thousand (1000)

7) ΒΌ represents _____ %?

a) 10%

b) 40%

c) 60%

d) 25% 

8) In a school there are 1000 students, out of which 42% are boys. Find the number of boys in the school?

a) 400

b) 420

c) 440

d) 460

9) Abdul scored 85% marks. The total marks were 400. How much did Abdul score?

a) 310

b) 320

c) 330

d) 340

10) Kiara spends 15% of her salary on shopping. She earns Rs. 50,000 per month. How much of amount is she left with after shopping?

a) Rs. 42,500

b) Rs. 7,500

c) Rs. 10,000

11) Abhijeet’s salary was Rs. 10,000 in the year 2020, in 2021 his salary was Rs. 12,000. What is the percentage increase in Abhijeet’s salary?

a) 10%

b) 20%

c) 30%

12) In a store if the selling price is greater than the cost price. The store manager will get a _________?   

a) Profit

b) Loss

13) Kumar purchased 100 eggs at Rs. 1.20 per piece. But in transportation 4 eggs got damaged & spoiled. Kumar sold the remaining eggs at Rs. 15 per dozen. Find Kumar’s profit or loss?

a) Profit

b) Loss

c) No Profit No Loss

14) If the cost price of 15 T-shirts is the same as the selling price of 20 pants. Calculate the Profit or Loss Percentage?

a) Profit 25%

b) Loss 25% 

c) No Profit – No Loss

15) The market price of an Item in a mall is Rs. 660. There is a discount of 10% on the item. Calculate the selling price of the item.

a) 500

b) 550

c) 594

16) What do you mean by Principal in terms of Investment?

a) Final Amount

b) Original Amount

c) Interest Rate

17) Find the simple interest on Rs. 1000 at 12% per annum for 5 years?

a) Rs. 600

b) Rs. 700

c) Rs. 800

18) Rupesh deposited Rs. 10,000 in bank at 10% per annum compounded annually for 3 years. Calculate the amount rupesh will have after 3 years?

a) 13300

b) 13310

c) 13320

19) Rahul purchased a car 3 years ago for Rs. 2 lac. The value of car decreased by 25% each year. What is the present value of the car?

a) 84,375

b) 85,460

c) 86, 280

20) In how much time, Rs. 8000 will become Rs. 12,000 with a simple interest of 20% per annum.

a) 1.5 years

b) 2.5 years

c) 3.5 years

d) 15 Months

21) Arjun has 8 pencils, Bindiya has 10 pencils & Chaman has 15 pencils. The average number of pencils with them is: 

a) 9

b) 10

c) 11

d) 12

22) The ratio of the ages of Chintu & Mintu at present is 3:1. Four years ago the ratio was 4:1. The average age of Chintu & Mintu 2 years hence will be?

a) 24 

b) 26

c) 28

d) 30

23) The average salary of A, B & C is Rs. 8,000. The average expenditure of A, B & C is Rs. 5,000. Find the average savings of A, B & C.

a) Rs. 1000

b) Rs. 2000

c) Rs. 3000

d) Rs. 4000

24) The average salary of Atul & Bharat is Rs. 6,000 and that of Chaman, Disha and Eshan is Rs. 8000. The average salary of all the 5 people is 

a) 6900

b) 7000

c) 7100

d) 7200

25) Donald Trump goes from Ahmedabad to Delhi at a speed of 40 Kmph and returns at the speed of 60 kmph. The average speed of Donald Trump in his whole journey is ?

a) 48kmph

b) 49kmph

c) 50 kmph

d) 51 kmph

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