9th Std

Annual Syllabus Planning
Std.- 9th (C Language & JAVA)
Month Week I Week II Week III Week IV
1 ******************* ******************* Introduction C Language & C Language Preliminaries Operation & Expression
2 How to Write a program. Practical of simple Program (input & output) Control Statement    (If,If-
School Exam
3 Control Statement (For,While,Do-While Loop) Function (Use,Types,Program) Function (Recurtion,Program) Ganesh Chaturthi
4 Array (Use,Types,Program) School Exam Pointer (Use ,Program) Revision
5 Pratham Exam School Exam Diwali Vacation Diwali Vacation
6 Introduction to java (class & object, comment) Datatype,variables & constants Strings (substring, concatenation & program) String(testing string for Equality)
7 Control Flow (conditional statements) School Exam Control flow (Loop) Christmas Holiday
8 Array (use & Program) Methods (Definig,calling
Methods ,Overloading methods) this' keyword
9 Constructor and Finalizer Inheritance(Classes, Super classes & subclasses School Exam Inheritance (Abstract classes & preventing inheritance)
10 Interfaces (what is interfaces &its properties) Revision Pratham Exam School Exam

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