7th Std

Pratham Infotech Foundation
Syllabus of 7th Std
Skills Home/Theory Projects Practical Projects Competencies Periods Contents Resources Month
Junior Data Entry Operator Data Entry & Processing 7 Label process June, July, august
Attendance sheet 1. Text to column
Result 2. Separate column to one Cell
School fees Budget Data processing Books
Election 1.Function – Sum, Percentage, Min Max, Avg.
2. If, If And, If Count.
3.Absolute reference, relative reference Worksheet
4) Chart.
Collect pictures of different 1) Scan a text book and photos Usage of Scanner & Webcam / Digi. Cam. 2 1) Scan Image Using Scanner Scanner August
types of Scanners/ WebCams/ using scanner 2) Insert Photo Image from Digital Camera. Web Camera
Digital Cameras etc 2) Capture Photos of your friend 3) Edit photo with a Paint – Make more Copies Digital Camera
using camera & transfer them
to Computer
Collect Diwali Greetings, Invitation Card Mailing 4 1) Ms Word-: Mailmerge, September
New year Greetings Mailling Card 2) Hyperlink-Link Between Two or More File.
Global Awareness / Achiever Collect Information on Internet Download pictures of Internet Use 2 1) Introduction to Internet (What is Internet, Internet connection October
Flowers/ Animals/Greetings 2) What is WWW, Uses, etc) Offline Any Site Download
/ Fruits/etc 3) How to connect, Intro. to Internet Explorer
4) Offline Surfing, Offline Surfing Downloading
Graphic Programmer Awareness of programming language 2 Getting started with Language Scratch programme Nov.
1) Introduction of Programming Language
Know about Flow Charts
3 Introduction of Scratch Dec
Fighting cats 1) Concept of Scratch
2) Feature of Scratch
Bouncing ball 3) Insert sprite
4) Edit sprite
5) Create Sprite
Vaporization Graphic and animation or Process operation 6 Movements Of Sprite / Animation
Magnet 1. Motion (Move, pointing, Glide,eddge & bounce, Pointer Towards, Forever) Jan. & Feb (Half Month)
Water cycle 2. Control (Mouse & Keyboard control)
3.Set a sprite .
Digestive System 4. Looks (Say, Change color, show & hide)
shadow reflection 5. Go to Front/ back
Logical view 2 sensing Feb, march
Eco Sound Pen
Types of Speed Add Sound
Prism 4 Maths concept / Logic operations
maths bullet Operators

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