6th Std

Pratham Infotech Foundation
Syllabus of 6th Std
Skills Home/Theory Projects Practical Projects Competencies Periods Contents Materials
Paper Architect 1) Letter to Principal, Parents, Friends etc. 1) Letter to Principal, Parents, Friends etc. Document Construction 12 Books
( With the help of English Book) 2) News layout Article Ideal document
3) Resume / Menu card 1) Apply Paragraph effects
2) News layout 4) Invitation card 2)Tab Setting
3) Resume 5) Calendar / Planner 3 )Set Columns for given paragraph
4) Invitation card 6) Timetable 4) Apply Dropcap effect
5) Calendar / Planner 5) Change Case of Sentences
6) Timetable 6) Insert a Table (Insert & merge Cell)
7) Page setup, & Printing a Document.
1) Display and Naming the different 1) Slide On Science Slide Developing 6 (Slide: Title slide, Bullets list, Table, Text & Clipart,Chart Slide) Books
Body Parts ,Science,Geometrical shapes 2) Slide on Body parts 1) Custom Animation (Effect, Order & Timing)
3) Orgnization Chart Slide on History/ 2) Slide Transition (On mouse click, Automatic)
Geography 3) Slide Transition – (Sound)
4) Slide on school
5) Slide on Geometrical Shapes
1) Sheet Containing Monthly Expenses 1) Sheet Containing Monthly Expenses Using Spreadsheet 10 Modifying a worksheet
2) Invoice 2) Invoice 1) Adding worksheet, rows, columns Books
3) Timetable 3) Timetable 2) Resizing rows & columns
4) Collect dfferent bills and calanders 4) Bank Receipt Formatting a Cell
1) Alignment (Merge cell, Wrap text, Orientation)
2) Border
Mutimedia Operator
1) Collect Pictures of Different Media of 1) Store Picture in specified Drive Using Media for Storage 2 Introduction to Different Media of Storage Books
Storage devices (Floppy, Pendrive, CD,etc.) 2) Transfer file from one computer to (Pendrive, Floppy, CD, DVD)
Write their Capacities another with the help of pendrive Use of Pendrive(File Save As, Copy, Cut, Paste)
Camera, VCD, TV, – Cutting / 1) Run a VCD on media Player & Entertainment 2 1) Introduction to Media Player (How to Open) Books
Pictures Operate ( Increase/ Decrease Volume/ 2) Play Audio Song from CD, Play Video from CD
Speed, Next, Previous Etc 3) Copy files from CD to My Computer
2) Play Existing Songs in Computer 4) Play Songs from My Music

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