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5th Std

Pratham Infotech Foundation
Syllabus of 5th Std
Skills Home/Theory Projects Practical Projects Competencies Periods Contents Materials
Computer Awareness 1) Drawing & Craft related to Computer parts Overview of Computer 1 1) Starting windows (Switch on Monitor & CPU) Nonworking
2) Collection of Computer releted pictures 2)Components of Windows CPU
3) Collect & show the Placment of (Icon, Taskbar, Desktop) Books
Internal parts of C.P.U. 3) Starting an application (for eg. Paint)
4) Collect Information about Computer 4) Structure of a Window (Titlebar, Control
menu, Scollbar)
5) Shut down Windows
1) Collect pictuers of different types of mouse Draw a Picture with the help of appropriate Mouse skill 5 1) Game – Treasure Hunt, Magic Slate Books
with Information (Laptop, Optical mouse) Tools (Cricket Ground, Scenery Frame) 2) Introduction to Paint Worksheets
2) Draw a Picture with the help of appropriate 3) Toolbar
tools 4) Save, Open, Exit
3) Collect information about a mouse connection, 5) Cut – Copy – Paste
1) Fill in the Blanks in given Keyboard Typing skill 4 1) Game – letter machine using keyboard Books
layout 2) Project using T- master / Kids Typing Worksheets
2) Show Finger position of alphabets software
on keyboard Rules for Use & Typing (Students name,
school name)
Junior Designer Artist 1) Collect Pictures of Fun with text 1) Fun with text Basic word Processing 6 1) Saving & opening Document MS Office 2003
2) Collect Samples of font, font size etc 2) Slogans 2) Formating a text – (font & formating bar, Font Effect) Books
from Newspaper 3) Editing text ( Cut Copy Paste) Worksheets
3)Collect Pictures of Slogans 4)Alignment
1)Collect Pictures of Greeting cards 1) Caterpillar Image Variation 5 1) Add Pictures to a Document – Books
2) Collect Pictures of Logos of T.V. channels 2) Greeting cards (Wordart, Clipart, Autoshapes) Worksheets
3) Logos From T.V. chanels resize, rotation,recolor,Drawing effect, arrenge
4) Water cycle 2) Apply Border & Shading to Document
5) Pollution 3) Add Bullets & Numbering
4) Check Spelling & Grammar in a Document
Draw a Picture of Sound Recording Window 1) Self Introduction Sound Recording 1 Introduction to Sound Recording Books
2) Song Open – Sound Recorder & Record Own Sound Worksheets
3) Speech ( About School, Friend, Actor etc) Save & Open Recorded Sound
Draw a Picture of your Monitor Screen & Apply BMP file to wallpaper Exploring Desktop 3 1) Desktop Background & BMP file Books
write down Contents included 2) Screensaver Worksheets
3) Date & time
Collect Pictures related to Alphabets, Computer 1) Slide about Alphabets Slide Making 8 Introduction to Powerpoint Books
Parts, Self etc. 2) Slide about Computers Part Clipart, Wordart, Autoshapes, Background Worksheets
3) Slide on Vitaamins Custom Animation (Effect)
4) Slide on Water