4th Std

Std. 4th
Month Activity What Students Learn Source
1 Presentation 1 How to make a presentation. Presentation
2 Animation with the aid of Powerpoint.
2 Map Reading 1 Map Reading Riverdeep – Magru ka samay aur sthan ka ghar- sand box
2 Practical Geography
3 Seasons 1 Weather and climate Riverdeep – Raghu ka vigyan ghar- Weather Machine
2 Information regarding various seasons Riverdeep – Raghu ka vigyan ghar- Neel Talab
4 Windows Explorer 1 Organization within a computer Windows 7
2 How to make a folder
3 Folder management
5 Movie Making 1 Understanding occurrence of  events Riverdeep – Raghu ka vigyan ghar- Make a Movie
2 Getting familiar with Windows Moviemaker
3 Making a movie
6 Microsoft Windows Logo 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows Logo program
2 Making figures using Microsoft Windows Logo program logo
7 Communication 1 What is communication? Riverdeep- Sochti hue chinzon ka sangrah – Fripple house
2 Different means of sending a message
8 Table Operation 1 To make tables for different types of information Word Procesor
2 Operations on a table
9 Printing 1 Preparing a document for printing Word Procesor
2 Taking a printout of a document

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