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3rd Std

Std. 3rd
Month Activity What Students Learn Source
1 Introducing the mouse 1 The art of using mouse. Riverdeep – Raghu ka vigyan ghar- Chhatai Station
2 Classifying things in the surroundings.
3 Drawing pictures with the help of computer.
2 Word Magic 1 Increase your vocabulary. Jigar I – Nembaj
2 Introducing the application software Jigar II- Catch me if u can
3 Technical skills.
3 Number Calculations 1 Addition of Numbers. Jigar I – Basket Ball
2 Identifying the place value of Numbers. Calculator program
3 Introducing the calculator.
4 Identify the pictures 1 Increase your observation power. Riverdeep – Sochati hui chizon ka sangrah- Auranga Banga
2 Test your memory power.
5 Geometry 1 Introduction to geometrical figures. Riverdeep – Nandi ka Ganit Ghar- Chuha ghar
2 Drawing pictures using geometrical figures.
6 Greeting Cards 1 Preparing greeting cards using ‘word’. Word processor
7 Date & Time 1 How to know the time with the help of computer. Riverdeep- Magaru ka samay aur sthan ka ghar- Samay ghyan
2 Read Calendar. Jigar IV- Time
8 Sound recording 1 Sound recording. Sound recorder
2 How to use a sound recorder.
10 Presentations 1 What is a presentation? Presentation
2 Introduction to Power point.
3 Topic based presentations
11 Typing 1 Introduction to Unicode. Windows
2 Use of mother tongue in the computer.
3 Easy Hindi typing using onscreen keyboard.