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10th Std

Annual Syllabus Planning
Std.- 10th (HTML & MYSQL)
Month Week I Week II Week III Week IV
1 ******************* ******************* Introduction to HTML & Basic HTML Tags HTML Meta tag & Attributes
2 HTML formatting tags & phrase tags HTML Comment,Font,Marquees & Images HTML (Text Link, Image Link & E-mail Links) School Exam
3 HTML (Tables tag & frame tag ) HTML(List Formatting page layouts & colors) HTML(Form tag, background effect embedded multimedia,movie,music) Ganesh Chaturthi
4 HTML Styles ( External, internal & Inline) School Exam HTML Scripts (external, internal) Revision
5 Pratham Exam School Exam Diwali Vacation Diwali Vacation
6 Introduction to MySQL (Database,Administration,php syntax) MYSQL Database Connection (Create,Drop,Select MySQL Database) MySQL (Data type, Create table, Drop table Insert Query, select Query where clause, update query, delete query, like clause) MYSQL sortingresult,left join ,null values
7 MySQL transactions, ALTER Command,INDEXS,temporary tables, clone tables) School Exam Database Metadata, Export backup method, import- recovery methods& Useful Functions & Clauses Christmas Holiday
8 _ _ _ _
9 _ _ School Exam _
10 _ Revision Pratham Exam School Exam